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Grrrrruf, I'm 

Louie! I make sure all of our handmade items are of the highest quality.

Ruff Ruff, Lexi here, I pick the cutest designs for all of our stuff!

About Us


dog 2.png
dog 1.png


Woof Woof, 

Herrrrro Pet Parents!

Welcome to Lexilou Swag
Just so you know our mom named it after us.

We make original and quality pet clothing and accessories.
They are super cute, & very swaggy! 

Everything is handmade right here in the USA
by our mom with our help of course!

We use premium fabrics with lots of color and flair
because we help our mom hunt for the best

so your furry friends can look super cool!
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Cute Stuff

Fun Gift Ideas

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Key Fob

dog 2.png

I love to match my mom with my snappy bandana and her scrunchie!

Want to match your pet ?

Choose From These Groovy Accessories:

For Pets

For People

Dog Bowtie

Face Mask

Dog  Collar

Hair Scrunchie

Dog Bandana

This Month's Featured Items 

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